Shairu Gems has acquired a recognised expertise in two types of polished diamonds:

Round brilliants with a light return of at least 97%
Shairu Gems manufactures a wide spectrum of round brilliant qualities: from 30 points to 3 carats, in VVS to I3 clarities, from D to K colours including coloured and brown goods, and with a Triple Excellent to Very Good make.

To ensure an optimised brilliance of the polished stone, Shairu Gems implements the High Light Return theory at every stage of its cutting and polishing process. Concretely, the theory is a mathematical equation, whose variables (depth, angles, proportions) can be independently adjusted. The formula is transposed into a database of over 16.000 optimised combinations and introduced all along the manufacturing chain: planning & marking; sawing, bruting & blocking; bottom & top polishing. Today, the totality of Shairu Gems’ production has a light return of 97%+.

Special, proprietary and fancy cuts
Our production of fancy cuts includes Princess, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Emerald, and Square Emerald cuts.
In addition to that, Shairu Gems has a separate business unit entirely dedicated to the research & development on special and proprietary cuts. As the only recognised manufacturer of special cuts in I1 and below clarities, the group enjoys strong credentials in the North American and Far East markets.

The added value of Shairu Gems’ tailored-cut production to its retail partners includes a platform to conduct marketing programmes, differentiation vis-à-vis other retailers, or larger retail margins. From a consumer perspective, our special cuts provide an enhanced emotional value, a shape that captures the event and emotion, or a patented and certified cut that has a better store of value than a regular diamond.